An Update

As you know, Pastor Steve passed away on June 29, and as a church and as

individuals, we continue to grieve the loss of our pastor and our friend. As a church, we

want to continue to offer an opportunity for anyone who would like to come together to

pray, or talk with others as we struggle thru our grief.

Now we are aware that you may be anxious about the future of our church, what are the

next steps, and what leadership decisions we will need to make in the coming days..

First of all, the leadership of the church is working on interim measures, and continue to

work with the PAOC leadership to provide possible alternatives. We all know that our

church is in good hands.

One of the most plausible alternatives, involves the shifting of our service times, away

from our typical Sunday Morning 10am service, and looking at shifting the service to a

Sunday afternoon or evening service. This would be to allow time for potential speakers to travel from their

respective churches to ours. This has not yet been finalized, and the details of

exactly how or when that will occur, but we wanted the congregation to be kept in

constant communication of any upcoming transition updates.

The Board and Elders will soon appoint members to the Pastoral Search Committee, to

fill the permanent position of pastor at Bayview Family Church. We ask that you support

them with your confidence and prayers.

As we begin this transition process the Board and Elders ask commitments of each of

you to enter into times of fasting and prayer during the process.

God bless you as we blend our hearts in unity during these challenging days.

Bayview Family